The Sunday Post #68 – Slow and Steady

Posted 31 January, 2016 by Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews in Memes, Wrap-up Posts / 58 Comments

The Sunday Post - (un)Conventional Bookviews

The Sunday Post #68 – Weekly Wrap-up

Welcome to my Sunday Post. Thank you to Kimba over at The Caffeinated Reviewer, who is hosting this weekly event. It is the perfect opportunity to share what happened here on my own blog, as well as some of the happenings elsewhere in the Blogosphere.

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I had a pretty good week, even with my six hour written exam on Monday… It went really well, the unknown article was pretty short, and it had some very good points I could discuss. I didn’t stay for the six hours, either, as the professor asked for four hand-written pages, and even with loads of key-words, and a full draft, I had finished after a little over three hours – which is four academic hours.

We had a meeting with #3s teachers this week, and his grades aren’t all that good. He’s dyslexic, so he definitely has a lot more trouble than most kids, but he can still do better. So we’ve made a game-plan to help him get his grades up, getting the whole family to help him out. Hopefully, that will work, both so that he will learn better, and so that he’ll get more confidence. Languages are difficult to learn (he has French, German and English – first year of Swiss junior high school) and when he has oral tests he does really well, spelling is still hard for him, though.

Our puppy was born on Tuesday, and he’s tiny, and so very cute! He’s the one in the middle on this photo, and his name is Freddy! We can’t wait to travel to pick him up in late March, especially my youngest is so excited I wonder if she’ll be able to sleep at all until then 🙂

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What have you been up to this past week? Don’t forget to leave me a link so I can come visit your Sunday Post as well.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend, and that next week will be filled with awesome!

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews
Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

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58 responses to “The Sunday Post #68 – Slow and Steady

    • We can’t wait to bring him home, either, Laura.
      I think it’s important to help all the students so they can truly show what they have learned, so I’m glad it’s a possibility to grade them more on oral tests as well, but I know that some students are more nervous with oral exams, so it’ll be a balancing act.

  1. Wow, he’s learning all three languages at the same time? Good for him! I know it’s tough for him right now, but hopefully with help and a boost in confidence it’ll get better for him. And great job one your exam. The puppies are so cute! Can’t wait to see him when he’s older.

    • Well, French is his native language, of course, but he has a lot of trouble with that as well, since the spelling is so very different from the pronunciation. He started with German four years ago, as that is one of the other national languages in Switzerland, and it’s his second year of English.
      I can’t wait to go to bring Freddy home with us! It’s going to be awesome.

  2. Congrats on the exam! And cute puppy… bet you can’t wait to get him. Looks like you’re doing great on your challenge so far!

    Wow three languages- that would be tough I would think. Good luck and I’m sure he’ll do great! Have a super week Lexxie!

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #127
  3. I guess I wasn’t very clear in my post, Carole, French is the native language, and German the first new language (started in 5th grade) and English is the 2nd new language, and it’s his second year of English, first year of junior high.
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. It may have been slow and steady but you did have a busy week. I can’t imagine learning more than two language that’s impressive. Yay on the exam!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am that your getting a puppy. What kind of dog? He’s so adorable little Freddy. They grow up so fast. Sounds like maybe the new week will be a little more relaxed. Have a great week Lexxie!!!!!

    • My weeks are usually always quite busy during the school year, Mandy, but this past week was really good.
      I think most Europeans learn several languages because most of us have a native language that only other natives speak.
      Freddy is a dachshund, and we can’t wait to bring him home! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Sorry to hear about Kid 3’s problems in school. I’m sure being dyslexic is hard, especially with languages. My brother had the exact opposite problem. He’s 40% deaf in each ear. We could read and write in his Spanish class, but couldn’t speak it for the life of him. He took speech therapy for years just to learn English and even that he still has a hard time with as an adult.

    Thanks so much for sharing your “elsewhere in the blogosphere” posts. I always find great posts in your lists. I hope you have a great week. The puppy is adorable.

    Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons recently posted: Roadside Magic Audiobook by Lilith Saintcrow (REVIEW)
    • Yeah, dyslexia makes everything difficult for him these days! They had a math evaluation with a long text explaining a story with numbers in it, and he didn’t really understand what he was supposed to do with the numbers in the end.
      For my son, it might be easier to speak than to read and write, I think that’s one of the difficulties for teachers who have students with language trouble.
      I’m glad you enjoy the posts I link to. I try to always make sure I find some good ones.

  6. Thanks for the shoutout!! I can’t imagine your child being dyslexic and trying to learn 3 languages! Wow!! I teach special education and work with many dyslexic students and they struggle so much but they all want to learn so badly! They are some of my most determined students. And its awesome that y’all support him so much at home! Not all my students are lucky enough to have supportive families! Have a great week!

    Samantha recently posted: Sunday Post: Week 4
    • Yeah, I think it’s really hard to learn new languages when dealing with dyslexia, Samantha. It’s something I’m very aware of when I teach as well (I teach English as foreign language, and English is the third or fourth language my students start learning).
      Have a great week yourself!

  7. One of the think I want to being up to the teacher for my daughter is dyslexia. She is having such a hard time reading and writing. I am wondering if something else is going on. Plus I have noticed she can’t seem to sit still for long and she is unaware of how much she moves, this isn’t part of dyslexia but I just have a feeling something is not right.

    The Puppies!!!! I can’t wait to see pictures of your new baby when he come home. I have a feeling he is going to be a momma’s boy.

    Have a great week, Lexxie! Happy Reading! ox

    Michelle@Because Reading recently posted: 2016 #BookishResolutions PROGRESS REPORT ~ Month 1
    • If you think your daughter is dyslexic, you should try to find a good speech therapist even before your meet with her teacher! The speech therapists have various tests to figure out if a child is dyslexic or have other kinds of speech or reading / writing troubles. And unfortunately, not all teachers are specialists when it comes to this. And actually, being impatient and not able to sit still can definitely have something to do with dyslexia, because concentrating so hard on reading and writing makes some children a bit antsy, and so it’s hard for them to sit still, too.
      We can’t wait for Freddy to join us at home, either, Michelle. I can’t believe how tiny he looks!

  8. I am glad to hear your written exam went well and you didn’t have to stay the full six hours. I hope the game plan helps to get his grades up a bit. I always struggles with languages during school too. Not sure why, but they are the hardest for me to learn.
    Aww that’s so exciting your puppy is born and he looks to tiny and cute! That must be hard to still wait so long before you can pick him up. I hope you’ll have a great week!

    Lola recently posted: Sunday Post #163
  9. Freddy is adorable…and I hope you all have fun with him.

    I like a slow and steady week…I am realizing how much peace and joy can be found in BALANCE. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog. Now I’m off to check some of those links!

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted: AUTHOR’S HOME PAGE
  10. Glad your exam went well and congratulations on the new puppy! I wish your son all the best with school. Sounds like he has fantastic support from his family! My classmates complained when we just had to learn one foreign language. I can’t imagine learning so many at once.

  11. OMG. That puppy is adorable. I want a puppy, but then I think about all the work that goes into having a dog. Yet they give so much love. You give such an amazing recap. I hope your youngest enjoys her new puppy.

  12. This year I have more students with dyslexia than I ever have, and it is definitely a struggle for them. I hope that your family plan works out well for #3 and he gains the confidence he needs and turns it around. Dyslexia and learning new languages are definitely not the best of mixes, but I hope he is still receiving the services he needs at school, too. I can’t wait to see more photos of the puppy!

    • Yes, it is very difficult, but I think that both because his teachers are really good and aware, and because he has a a good support system, it will work out in the end. It’s frustrating for him, though, because he works so hard, and the grades he gets (in writing) don’t reflect that hard work.
      Thanks for stopping by, Charlie!

  13. I´m so glad the exam went well 🙂 Vi har også gjort oss en del erfaringer med dysleksi de siste årene, siden frøken Ingrid på snart 14 fikk påvist det da hun var 9. Det er virkelig tøffe tak innimellom og mammahjertet går i tusen biter når jeg helst ville byttet plass med henne for å gi henne litt pusterom. Men vi står han a´som vi sier her nord, og jeg er helt sikker på at det går bra ti slutt! Ønsker deg en super kommende uke 🙂

    • Sønnen min er også nesten 14, og vi har visst fra han var 7-8 år at han kar dysleksi, Anette. Det er mye slit, men han klarer seg stort sett ganske bra. Hoppet fra barneskolen til ungdomskolen dette året er allikevel veldig tøft. Vi håper vi får hjulpet han så alt går greit! Klemmer

  14. Freddy is adorable! I can’t wait for pics when you get him. I wish our schools had language classes early on. They start in middle school, but I think they’d learn easier when they’re younger. The languages I know are English, German, French and Spanish, but the only one I remember well is English. Though if I’m watching a movie where they’re speaking German I can usually get the gist of what they’re saying. Which is surprising because that’s the language I learned 30 yrs ago. I think it’s because my high school teacher taught us at a college level. It was hard, but look at me..still rockin’ it after 30 years even when I never speak, read or write it. lol

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: AVR Weekly News ~ 129th Edition
    • I think it’s not possible to not learn other languages really early in Switzerland. Even if it’s a small country, there are FOUR national languages; French, German, Italian and Romanche. I think it’s great that you know that many other languages, and that you still remember some German from when you were still in school! I’m the same way with Spanish, and I really want to brush up on my Spanish, so that I can also learn the Catalan Spanish 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Wow! A 6 hour exam! That sounds intense but I’m glad to hear it went really well for you, Lexxie! I’m sorry to hear about your son’s grades, but it sounds like you guys have the perfect plan lined up. I’m crossing all my fingers that it works for you. I used to teach after school hours a couple of years ago to kids from poor neighborhoods and one of my favorite students had dyslexia and it broke my heart when I couldn’t help him. But he finally got the help he needed so things worked out for you.
    I hope you have a lovely week! Happy reading!

    Nick recently posted: The Weekly Recap (176)
  16. Glad to hear you did well in your six hour written exam! Sorry to hear #3 is struggling. I get dyslexia makes learning frustrating at times. Glad to hear you’ve made a game-plan to help him! lucky kid to count with his whole family to help him out! French, German and English??? WOW only two is enough for my poor brain. 🙂 aww love the pic! Enjoy the new puppy! 🙂

  17. Congrats on your exam being over. I’m glad that you didn’t have to be there for the whole 6 hours.

    Sorry to hear that one of your kids is having to deal with that. My cousin is dyslexic and I remember how much of a challenge it was for him growing up. It’s great that the whole family is banding together to help. 🙂

    Samantha recently posted: Sunday Post: January 31, 2016
  18. Well done on the exam and I’m glad you feel fairly confident about it! There’s nothing like ticking those things off, is there?

    And a puppy… how incredibly cute. Can’t wait to see more pics when he’s home!

    Deborah recently posted: Weekly check-in
  19. Congrats on finishing your exam; glad it didn’t take the FULL six hours. I hope your new game plan for your son works out. I was never good at learning languages, so I can’t imagine how difficult it is doing a few at the same time!

    Your new puppy. Awww! I can’t wait to see more photos when you bring him home.


    ShootingStarsMag recently posted: Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2016
    • I’m a foreign language teacher, so it seems I should be able to help him much more than I actually do… He doesn’t always want to do stuff like that with me, though 🙁
      We can’t wait to bring Freddy home, we are going to pour so much love on him 😀

  20. Sounds like you had a great week! I know you’re all excited to get little Freddy introduced to everyone. That’s so exciting. And good luck with #3’s game-plan…I’m sure he’ll be doing great in no time. I hope this week is off to a great start! **BIG HUGS**

  21. Aww the puppy is so cute! I bet your children are really excited. So glad you got through your exam so quickly-6 hours is grueling. I can’t imagine having dyslexia and having to take so many languages. That would be so hard. Languages and me just never clicked.Dumb question, but what is your first language? Bless his heart!

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