Safe and Sexy #13 – Rock F*ck Club

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Safe and Sexy #13 – Rock F*ck Club

I’ve had the idea for a feature about safe sex for a long time, ever since I had my discussion post with the same name a long time ago! And finally, Safe & Sexy was born. It’s where I will share a quote from a story I have read, and where there is a lot of hotness and sexiness, but where they still take the time to be safe! It’s important to me to read books that make me dream, but I also want them to be somewhat realistic. And to me, characters seem realistic when they take care of themselves and their partner(s)! Safe sex is a great way to do so, and when an author includes a couple of lines to share that they are indeed using condoms, I am such a happy reader. And I think it’s sexy when both new and ‘old’ lovers show that they respect each other by getting that condom, and possibly making using it both safe & sexy, hot and fun.

If you want to participate with your very own Safe & Sexy quotes, go right ahead. The more the merrier, and maybe your quote will help me add a new book to my bloated TBR shelf 😉 One can never have enough books, right? Without further ado, here’s my Safe & Sexy quote for this week, it’s from Michelle Mankin’s Rock F*ck Club, and I had so many, many quotes to choose from.

My Safe & Sexy quote:

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I came up to my elbows watching appreciatively as he ripped off his boots, socks, jeans and boxers. He left the discarded clothing on the floor in a pile. Not that I cared. His defined body and jutting c*ck held my rapt attention. A condom in his grip, he ripped it open and rolled it on as he stalked closer. I started to wiggle out of my underwear, but he stopped me. 

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